Hon. Dr. Monica Musenero Masanza
Monica Musenero Masanza, DVM, MS, MPH - Dr. Monica Musenero is a diversely trained and skilled Consultant and Scientist with extensive national and international experience. She has previously worked with Makerere University as an Assistant Lecturer, the Uganda Ministry of Health as the Assistant Commissioner, Epidemiology and Surveillance, and Principal Program Officer with Africa Field Epidemiology Network (AFENET). She spent 3 years as Field Coordinator with the World Health Organization in Sierra Leone, as one of the experts who played key roles and was internationally acclaimed for the expertise and heroic efforts in bringing the West Africa Ebola outbreak under control, which earned her formal recognition by both the Sierra Leonean and Uganda governments. In Uganda, she has been at the frontline of the design and implementation of the highly successful Epidemic preparedness and Response system and was key in response to all the Ebola and Marburg outbreaks in the country since 2007. Dr. Musenero did her graduate studies at Cornell University, Ithaca, USA where she obtained an MS Science (majoring in Microbiology, with Immunology and Molecular Biology and research on Vaccine development). She went on to obtain a Master’s in Public Health from Makerere University, specializing in Field Epidemiology.  Monica has been a central figure in making the One Health movement a reality in Uganda and the African region. She introduced the first multi-sectoral and multidisciplinary team including Anthropologists and Sociologists, creating interventions that drastically contained Plague outbreaks in the country. She has served as Technical Advisor for the USAID funded One Health Work Force Program. Dr. Musenero is currently the Minsiter of Science, Technology and Innovation under the Office of the President, Senior Presidential Advisor on Epidemics and and one of the key players in Uganda’s response to the COVID-19 Pandemic.
Segun Cole
Segun Cole is a Serial entrepreneur and CEO/Founder of ekocab; An Ondemand Mobility marketplace for high end rides. He started his Career as a New mobility Consultant advising Governments on micromobility policies. He is an Investor and also sits on the Board of various African Tech Startups. He is the President of Startup huddle Lagos(A Community of 235 Startups from Pre-series to Series C) powered by GEN Global, he also sits on the Board of GEN Africa. He is the Founder of Fund The Gap Network; that advocates for underrepresented and underfunded founders in the Allocation of VC Funding. He is a policy commission member(NESG), New Urban Mobility Alliance(NUMO) member and Tony elumelu Foundation Mentor, African Business Heroes Judge. He is an International Partner to the World Business Angel Fund, and a Partner of Vertex Fund with $15m AUM. He is a Venture Partner at Wefunder, Openner.VC and Zero to One Capital. He is currently a member of the SEC working committee on Angel Investment and Venture Capital in Nigeria.
Mark Kleyner
Mark Kleyner is a dynamic force in the African investment landscape. Mark is the co-founder and programs director at Dream VC, a specialist investor accelerator and venture institute for Africa, focused on providing knowledge-driven training programs for African-focused startup investors, upskilling African ecosystem builders and advising corporations on their investment activities across Africa. To date, under his leadership, Dream VC has catalyzed the creation of numerous funds, even as Dream VC fellows have gone on to join over 50 funds, launch 4x Angel Networks, and establish multiple syndicates. Collectively these initiatives now manage over $5.2 billion, fueling growth in Emerging Markets. Outside his work in investment and investor capacity building, Mark is a Fund Advisor, Board Member and Angel Investor, sitting on several advisory boards.  Prior to Dream VC, Mark worked across acceleration, venture building, investor-founder matching and direct investments in VC, and at several Venture-Backed consumer startups as a consultant and growth operator, culminating in his work with early-stage startups at MZZ Africa. He has worked in VC portfolio and investor relations, helping 3x different VC funds to launch several fund vehicles at $10m each and has supported over 600 early-stage founders via growth hacking, mentorship and fundraising advice as an award-winning mentor with FI, Seedstars, Impact Hub & Village Capital. Beyond his professional endeavors, Mark enjoys global travels, exploring diverse cuisines as an amateur food enthusiast, engaging in various sports, and maintaining a keen fascination with hippos.
Sidi Saccoh
Sidi is an Empowerment, Entrepreneurship Development Expert/ Builder, Programs Manager, Mobilization expert, Entrepreneur, Author and speaker who has worked and executed multiple programs in ecosystems across Africa, Europe, and the Middle East. He is currently the Chief Operations Officer of Fleri and was most recently appointed by the Ugandan Government Ministry of Science, Technology and Innovation as this year’s Ambassador of National Science Week.
300 k Visitors
2 k Exhibitors & Startups
320 + Leading Innovators
120 + Government Delegations
NATIONAL SCIENCE WEEK 6-11 November, 2023
Theme: “Uganda Tusimbudde: Our Science Led Journey towards Socio-Economic Transformation” 
Day 1, Monday, November 6
PRESS DAY Arrival of Exhibitors 0700 – 0900
Arrival of Guests 0900 – 1000
Press Tour & Engagament  1000 – 1100
Remarks by Hon. Dr. MMM   1100 – 1130
Key Note: The Role of Media in Promoting STI in Uganda 1130 – 1200
Panel Discussion: The Role of Media in Promoting STI in Uganda 1230 – 1300
Highlight of Innovators in Journalism  1400 – 1530
Panel Discussion: How can we promote Innovation in Journalism? 1530 – 1630
Public Tour of Exhibition 0900 – 1700
Team De-Brief 1700 – 1730
Day 2, Tuesday, November 7
OPENING CEREMONY Arrival of Exhibitors 0700 – 0730
Arrival of Guests 0730 – 0900
Arrival of Chief Guest 1000 – 1030
Tour of Exhibition 1000 – 1100
Welcome Remarks by the Honorable Minister STI 1100 – 1130
Highlight of Key Innovator: The Impact of NSW 1130 – 1145
Impact of NSW to the Little Scientists & Creatives 1145 – 1200
Speech by Chief Guest 1200 – 1300
Awards to Prominent/Impactful Innovators  1300 – 1330
Launch of the Uganda Innovators Wall of Fame 2023 1330 – 1400
Public Tour of Exhibition  1500 – 1700
Day 3, Wednesday, November 8
ACADEMIA DAY Arrival of Exhibitors 0700 – 0730
Arrival of Guests 0730 – 0900
Welcome Remarks  0900 – 0915
Tour of Exhibition 0915 – 1000
Key Note: How do we develop innovators to transalate ideas & research into mature products?  1000 – 1030
Panel Discussion: What are your dreams for Science, Technology & Innovation in the Future?  1030 – 1115
Panel Discussion: How can we apply Science, Technology & Innovation in the real world?  1115 – 1200
Highlights from the Science Teachers  1200 – 1215
Panel Discussion: How do we develop innovators to transalate ideas & research into mature products?  1215 – 1300
Creator’s Moment  1400 – 1430
Student Challenge and Design Charette 1430 – 1530
Mad Science Show 1530 – 1600
Liitle Scientists & Creatives Park  0900 – 1700
Public Tour of Exhibition 0900 – 1700
Day 4, Thursday, November 9
Arrival of Guests 0800 – 0900
Tour of the Exhibition  0900 – 1000
Remarks on the STI Led Journey to Economic Transformation  1000 – 1030
Keynote: What is your contribution to the STI Led Journey to Economic Transformation?  1030 – 1100
Panel Discussion: What is your Vision for STI in Uganda’s Socio-economic Transformation? 1100 – 1200
Panel Discussion: What can be done differently to support productivity acceleration, import substitution & export? 1200 – 1300
Highlight of Innovative Projects from MDAs 1400 – 1500
Creators Moment 1500 – 1600
Public Tour of Exhibition 0900 – 1600
Day 5, Friday, November 10
INVESTOR SUMMIT Arrival of Guests & Registration 0730 – 0800
Closed Door Government – Investor Session 0800 – 0900
Keynote Speech: Uganda as an Investment Destination for STI in Africa 0900 -0930
Panel Discussion: Making Uganda More Attractive For Startup Investment 0930 – 1045
Panel Discussion: Co-Funding Opportunities – Unlocking Early-Stage Investing In Uganda 1045 – 1200
Presentation – Creating a New Investor Base in Uganda: A Strategy for Optimising Venture Capital & Innovation Funding in Uganda 1200 – 1240
Presentation – The role of media in building scalable ecosystems 1240 – 1320
Panel Discussion: Lessons From Other Markets (funding, scaling, growth lessons, customer lessons) 1400 – 1530
Pitch Competition 1530 -1700
Public Exhibition Tour 0900 – 1700
DAY 6, Saturday, November 11
YOUNG SCIENTISTS  DAY  Arrival of Exhibitors 0700 – 0730
Arrival of Guests 0800 – 0900
Tour of Exhibition  0900 – 1000
Young Scientists Challenge  1030 – 1100
Remarks by the Chief Guest   1100 – 1130
NSW 2023 Recap and Exhibitor Recognition 1130 – 1230
Creators’ Moment  1230 – 1300
Innovators’ Moment  1400 – 1500
Public Tour of Exhibition  0900 – 1500
Liitle Scientists & Creatives Park  0900 – 1700
Cocktail and Barbeque  1600 – 1800

Our Science Led Journey towards Socio-Economic Transformation

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